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MUSIC ACTIVITY LINKS (created with social distancing musicians in mind)

Click on title to access materials.

"Together" Virtual Marimba Choir
Matt Moore

An opportunity to record yourself (with the provided click track) and submit a recording to be used in a "virtual marimba choir" (all videos edited together). This can be recorded on any mallet instrument (or piano); deadline is March 22.

Accent Tap Lesson
Matthew Black

Video lesson on accent tap (stroke types) technique.

Crazy Lazy from Jingle Jamz
Lalo Davila

Tambourine Solo w/ backing track

Drummerless Playlist
Jay Ware

Spotify playlist of jazz standards recorded without a drummer so that you can play with them; nearly 800 songs are available!

Home Study Packet
C Alan Publications

Free exercises, solos, and more (all from their catalogue of published works) for Snare Drum, 2-Mallet Marimba, & 4-Mallet Marimba.

One Year Study for Snare Drum
Joe W. Moore III

Book of snare solos (one written for each day); currently free if code "CORONA" is used at checkout before April 1.

Pads in Isolation
Josh Gottry

Quartet for practice pads. A "click track" is provided so that students can can record themselves. Once there are recordings of all four parts, they can be put together for a "performance"!

Public Domain Song Anthology
David Berger & Chuck Isreals

A collection of 348 popular songs with modern and traditional harmonization for both study and performance. This open educational resource was curated by two leading jazz repertory experts and consists of songs in the US public domain. This anthology is the first of its kind and is free for students and performers to use, adapt, remix, and share.

Rudiment Challenge
Karlyn R. Viña

Structured process to learn as many rudiments as you can that comes with a printable progress chart. All rudiments can be found on the PAS 40 Essential Drum Rudiments page.

The Repertoire
William James

Extensive library of professionally recorded orchestral excerpts & tutorials; currently available at 50% off (code: PracticeBunker). A great investment for future music majors/aspiring professionals.

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