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ONLINE CONTENT CREATORS (regularly create high-quality educational content)

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* - denotes that some content may not be suitable for young students; when in doubt, view prior to showing student.

8-Bit Music Theory

Analysis and discussion of some of your favorite video game music themes; practical application of music theory in a compositional setting.

Adam Neely*
Music Theory/Composition

YouTube video essays/lessons/vlogs on music theory & composition that often employs pop culture references/humor. Deep, entertaining, and honest. Some content not appropriate for younger students.

Adam Tan
Keyboard Percussion

Adam Tan's "The Studio" covers a wide variety of topics related to mallet percussion. Includes performances, tips, product reviews, and more. 

David Bruce

Composer David Bruce produces videos on composition including analysis of existing pieces, tips/tutorials to improve your composing, and other video essays/vlogs.


Brad Frey provides score reductions and analysis of some of your favorite film scores.

Rob Knopper*
Audition Preparation/Concert Percussion

Tips on how to become better at auditions/handle performance anxiety. Relevant for percussionists as well as all other musicians. Most content is all-age appropriate; some videos have occasional alcohol references.

Stephen Taylor
Drum Set

YouTube drum set videos covering a wide range of topics; many lessons also have pdf's available. For more info, see his website: 

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